Industrial Batteries from Hawker

Many industrial lift trucks use batteries to power their onboard lifting equipment. In some cases, the truck also runs on electricity. Therefore, it is crucial to run trustworthy batteries in lift trucks to ensure that they operate at optimal power levels. Electrically powered industrial machinery have been using batteries for onboard equipment for decades. With a brand such as Hawker providing quality industrial batteries, you can rest assured that your lift trucks will deliver the necessary performance for the task at hand.

EIE Group offers a selection of Hawker batteries to accommodate our wide range of lifting equipment. These batteries offer sustainability and a service life of up to 1500 cycles. Hawker also offers different types of batteries to cater for specific requirements. They are also fast and easy to switch out and recharge, making these batteries very effective, even in very demanding work conditions. Charge times are between eight and 12 hours, depending on the charger you use. Today, we will delve into a viable solution for lift trucks in terms of power and efficiency – the Hawker Perfect Plus.


The Hawker Perfect Plus

When it comes to efficiency, the Hawker Perfect Plus is very good at it. Boasting ample capacity, this battery offers reliability and enough power to get through a shift – perfect for industrial lift-truck applications. The Perfect Plus can handle low-capacity short shifts as well as extreme heavy-duty applications. The positive plates feature advanced components to optimise the discharging of the cells. Both positive and negative plates are optimally sized to match the available volume of the cell boxes.

With a list of technical advancements, the cell capacities are maximised on the Perfect Plus Hawker batteries, while keeping the same outer dimensions. Therefore, the battery delivers more power and endurance without an increase in overall size. The cell construction uses robust tubular-vent technology, which means that the electrodes are made from diecast tubular plates to increase efficiency. The negative plates are flat-pasted, with the cell box and lid being made from temperature-resistant polypropylene to prevent electrolyte leakage. The battery is welded with a heat seal to optimise performance in almost any environment.

The Hawker Perfect Plus battery offers a plethora of advantages, including a wide range of applications. This battery is ideal for counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks, pallet trucks, and order pickers. Therefore, you can use it in most warehouse material handlers. As with almost any other industrial battery, the Perfect Plus uses wet cells to store electricity. This implies that the cells need to be refilled with water. Hawker’s Aquamatic water-refill system allows you to top up all the cells from a central point with the help of an integrated system. This system speeds up the refilling process to maximise efficiency.

EIE Group offers a selection of Hawker batteries for industrial lift trucks. Please peruse our website for more details on these batteries and what they can offer your fleet of lift trucks. Choose EIE Group as your supplier of industrial lifting equipment today and take advantage of our wide range of quality equipment.