Enjoy the Benefits of High-Quality Konecranes From EIE Group

Konecranes products have been providing many clients across various continents with some of the most reliable and durable lifting equipment available on the market. The KONE Corporation, which is the original company that manufactures these machines, has been in the business since 1910, and now has an established distribution network across the world. They only work with distributors that maintain a very high standard, and as a result, the EIE Group has secured exclusive distribution rights in the country for Konecranes products.

Konecranes Product SupplierWe provide our clients with a wide range of Konecranes products that meets their heavy-lifting requirements. These robust and dependable machines add value to a variety of businesses and help to improve productivity due to their innovative design, lifting power, and ease of operation. We believe in Konecranes products because this manufacturer invests in constant research and development to develop new technologies, and today they design and manufacture some of the most modern and best performing lifting equipment in the world. Konecranes products stand out from their competitors, and as a result we are pleased to be able to offer them to the South African market. In addition to providing Konecranes products for sale and rent, we also stock a range of spares and parts, and this ensures that our clients always have access to the repair services and spares they need.

Just like Konecranes, EIE Group strives for outstanding service and the provision of top-quality products to our customers. We are strongly focused on productivity and longer lifecycles for the equipment we sell and rent, and we specialise in designing the lifting solutions that can truly maximise productivity and performance for our clients. Our service level agreements ensure that our clients’ interests are looked after, and our high regard for accountability ensures that we provide only high-quality products. We stock a vast variety of industrial and goods handling equipment and machinery, and we are regarded as a market leader in this regard.

At EIE Group, we also provide additional services that include long- and short-term rental of lifting equipment, service level agreements, maintenance, and servicing contracts, provision and distribution of spares and parts, and the training of operators on specific types of machinery. We also conduct load testing and we manage battery bays for our clients.

If you need high-quality industrial or materials handling equipment, give our friendly team at the EIE Group a call, and we will help you to find the Konecranes products most suited to your operation.