Reaching and Stacking

The industrial sector in South Africa is very demanding in terms of lifting equipment to ensure that heavy loads can easily be picked up and transported. This is where EIE Group can offer viable solutions to companies within these sectors that rely on their fleet of machinery to not only lift certain weights, but also safely transport them to their destinations. EIE Group’s range of forklifts offers capable lifting and material handling equipment solutions to warehouses and factories, while our selection of mobile cranes can be the muscle you need on a construction site to complete the task at hand.

Should you be looking for an effective way to deal with containers, EIE Group and Toyota Forklift offer a range of Konecranes machinery that might be ideal for your specific application. Konecranes offers container handlers and forklifts to ensure that your workday progresses with minimal setbacks, giving you the tools you need to handle empty and laden containers in and around loading areas and similar places where they might take up useful space. As a result, having a mobile vehicle that can speed up container recycling and ensure that your loading zones stay clear. Let’s have a closer look at our selection of Konecranes reach stackers that can be viable for your business.

Konecranes Reach Stackers

Built on a solid design and years of customer feedback, Konecranes offers a rugged and novel approach to reach stackers, giving you the lifting equipment you have always needed to move mountains during your workday. Whether you need to lift and stack empty or laden containers or just do some heavy-duty lifting and moving of various materials or objects, Konecranes’ range of reach stackers will not only enable you to do so, but also impress with their unique design and stability while taking care of business.

These machines have excellent heavy-duty lifting capacities, ranging from a mere 10 t to 45 t, which is staggering for a piece of mobile lifting equipment to achieve on its own. No matter what you need to lift or stack, Konecranes reach stackers can ensure that you have the ideal machinery to achieve your goals.

EIE Group offers a wide variety of lifting equipment solutions, including warehousing options with articulated and standardised forklifts available in diesel and electric models to suit your needs to the tee. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and specifications on these lifting equipment machines we offer for sale.