Your Lifting-Equipment Supplier

EIE Group is an industrial lifting-equipment supplier in South Africa. Our selection of lifting equipment ranges from basic electrically powered warehouse lifting equipment to heavy-duty mobile cranes. With such a wide variety to choose from, your business can reach new heights with quality machinery. Industrial lifting equipment includes vehicles and machinery that can accomplish basic to complex lifting tasks. Whether it is a pallet truck for transporting pallets or a reach stacker for maximum use of the warehouse floor, these machines are purposes-built to suit specific applications.

Warehouse lifting equipment commonly includes forklifts, reach stackers, and pallet trucks. These machines are powered by electric or diesel-powered motors, giving your business a choice between indoor and outdoor applications. EIE Group offers a selection of both. We also offer viable solutions for forklift fleet hire and management systems. Therefore, if your business is in need of a lifting-equipment supplier, EIE Group is there to answer the call. Today, we will have a closer look at some of the options regarding warehouse material-handling equipment.


Warehouse Material-Handling Equipment

A variety of determining factors will influence the type of forklift that would be ideal for your warehouse environment. Indoor warehouse operations are best handled by electrically powered machinery. For the outdoor environment, a diesel- or LPG-powered machine may be a better option. This is where Toyota’s Tonero series shines as an excellent choice. The Tonero 8 Series offers a choice between diesel and LPG models for indoor and outdoor applications. These reliable forklifts also offer a selection of cabins choices to suit different weather conditions for optimal outdoor functionality.

If you are looking for electric forklifts, our range of Toyota forklifts also includes stand-in, 3-wheeled, and 4-wheelded electric forklifts to choose from. These forklifts are specifically built to optimise warehouse operations. Therefore, you can put together a work fleet for your business that will provide the ideal functions for their typical daily shifts. EIE Group also offers other brands of forklift to choose from. Reach stackers can maximise the floorspace in your warehouse by delivering high-lift functionality. With high lift comes the requirement for stability, and that is exactly what Flexi delivers in their Flexi HiMAX and HiLOAD models.

These reach stackers feature articulated forks that can rotate independently from the rest of the vehicle. Therefore, the lift us more stable and controllable. The HiLOAD can reach a maximum lift height of 11 m, while the HiMAX can push it to 13 m. As a result, you will be able to reach high shelves and storage areas with ease. The higher the shelves, the more storage space will available to use. With a Flexi machine, you can utilise that space without having to enlarge your warehouse area. Now, your warehouse can thrive with optimised space and a reliable work fleet to get the job done every day.

We offer much more as a lifting-equipment supplier than just viable forklift options. For more information on these trustworthy and reliable forklifts, peruse our website for specifications. Choose EIE Group today for all your lifting equipment needs and push your business to new heights with our solutions.