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EIE Group is a mobile-crane supplier in South Africa. We host a range of mobile truck-mounted cranes that can be used for a variety of applications. These cranes are compact and effective in a myriad of functions. We offer a couple of brands in our selection as well, including Fassi as Penz, to name two. Both these companies manufacture high-quality lifting equipment that break the mould of regular counterbalanced cranes. Their models also break away from pendulum lifting, using instead a new and effective method of achieving lift.

Knuckle-boom mobile cranes are designed to be compact. Usually, compact cranes do not have the lifting capacity of their stationary counterparts. With the knuckle-boom design, these cranes can achieve fantastic lifting feats while taking up little space on the back of your truck. The knuckle-boom design also allows the crane to fold in on itself. Therefore, when you have one of these models mounted onto the rear of a truck, it can tuck itself unobtrusively away while driving. Today, we will glance over some workable options included in our line-up as a mobile crane supplier.


Knuckle-Boom Mobile-Crane Supplier

Starting with the design of a knuckle-boom mobile crane, it might seem difficult to determine where the actual lift strength comes from. A counterbalanced crane uses a pendulum lifting effect to weigh down the one part of the pendulum and achieve lift on the other side, but this concept does not apply to a knuckle-boom model. Knuckle booms are manufactured from strong, reinforced materials. They feature various sections that are connected with mechanical “knuckles” to form a structure. This structure is mounted at the base to allow the crane to operate like a human finger.

With this design, this type of crane has a good outreach from a stationary position. Therefore, it is not limited by the vehicle it is mounted to. Rather, the vehicle serves as a central operating point for such a crane. As a result, a truck-mounted knuckle boom is not only versatile, but very effective for a wide selection of applications. As a mobile crane supplier, EIE Group offers an exhaustive selection from Fassi and Penz. Fassi has a comprehensive approach, delivering light-, medium-, and heavy-duty all-round models to choose from. Penz, on the other hand, puts their focus on the forestry and recycling industries.

Knuckle-boom cranes can be used in many instances and for a variety of tasks. These applications include flat-bed trucks that need to load large vehicles or heavy pallets onto the rear of the truck. They are also useful for loading and unloading truck bays. With construction in mind, a knuckle boom can make a world of difference when mounted on one of your construction trucks. As mentioned before, Penz focuses on recycling and forestry. Their ranges will give you a clear advantage and save time on daily tasks and routine pickups in these industries.

EIE Group offers a wide variety of industrial solutions for your business. We are more than just a mobile-cranes supplier. Feel free to peruse our website for more details on our available machinery and other industrial solutions. Choose EIE Group today and let us give you the advantage to take your business to new heights.