Order Pickers

TSE 100/100W


With a low step-in and variety of narrow chassis it can tow multiple trolleys. The steering of the truck allows it to turn on its own axis, enhancing driveability in confined areas. The TSE100 model is for conventional towing and the TSE100W is designed to dock with individual load carriers for efficient order picking and can be used with, for example a trolley with a built-in ladder for picking on second level.

OSE 100-250

1000 – 2500kg CAPACITY

Our range of advanced low-level order pickers are designed for intensive picking in demanding environments. All models are built around Toyota’s Powerdrive – the advanced integrated drive and control system that delivers excellent ease-of-use, performance and efficiency.



With picking height, up to 6.3 metres for guided or non-guided medium level order picking in space restricted areas. The applications vary from wholesale in food industry to pharmaceuticals or spare parts storage. Elevating forks allow for easy placement of picked items onto the pallet, whilst the walk-through version allows the handling of bulky loads, enhancing operator comfort and efficiency.

OME 100H/120HW

1000 – 1200kg CAPACITY

The H-series range offers simultaneous drive and lift action for increased productivity. Load capacity of up to 1.2 ton and picking heights up to 12.1 metres, our high-level order pickers set new performance standards. The fingertip console and backrest can be adjusted to enable driving in both directions. Trucks are equipped with Toyota’s Optiopace feature that optimizes truck speed according to lift height load.



In a world of increasing SKUs and ever-tighter schedules, efficient order picking is incredibly important. You can choose the order picker that helps you boost throughput and pick rates most cost-effective. Order pickers offer intuitive controls and features – like ergonomic control handles, panoramic views, low step heights and padded platforms – that help operators do more with less effort.