Forklifts for Rough-Terrain Applications

Forklifts are most commonly used at storage facilities to optimise the available floor space. These machines are designed with narrow, tall bodies to allow for good manoeuvrability within confined spaces. However, they are mostly used indoors, which means that they run on electric power and are not designed for the outdoors. Luckily, we offer models that are suited for rough-terrain applications and the challenges of changing weather. These models also feature internal-combustion engines to ensure that they can operate outdoors.

Warehouse material-handling equipment covers a wide range of mobile lifting equipment that is designed specifically for warehouses and storage facilities. Apart from forklifts, this also covers pallet trucks, stackers, and order pickers. With our comprehensive selection, you can put together a fleet and some complementary equipment to optimise the warehouse operations of your business. However, if your storage facility houses building materials, for example, you will need a rough-terrain solution. This is where our outdoor model range becomes a feasible option.

Adaptability is Key

Toyota 8-Series internal combustion forklifts

Toyota 8-Series internal combustion forklifts

The world of industrial machinery has long been using electric vehicles. These machines were introduced to eliminate the build-up of dangerous emissions from an internal-combustion engine when operated indoors. Therefore, rechargeable industrial batteries power most indoor lifting equipment. When you need an outdoor solution, our 8 FG/FD series is the answer. These innovative forklifts are ideal to handle rough-terrain applications and a variety of different weather conditions as well. Being powered by either diesel or petrol engines, dependent on the model, they can keep the wheels turning without having to recharge batteries.

Working outside means that these trucks will be exposed to the elements. Therefore, they are available with several cabins for different weather conditions. This enables them to function outdoors to give you feasible options for rough-terrain functionality. These forklifts also feature all-terrain tyres to ensure that they find the necessary purchase when driving over loose ground, dirt, and the like. All that remains is to find the ideal model that will suit the requirements of your storage facility. We offer various options that are for sale and hire to suit the needs of your business.

Our first range features models that can handle capacities of between 1 and 3,5 t. These models are ideal for fast turnaround times while handling light- to medium-duty pallets. They also feature our System of Active Stability (SAS) to ensure that their smart onboard computers assist operators to keep these forklifts steady and stable when dealing with rough terrain. We also offer compact models in this range for when the space at your facility is limited. These models are available with rated capacities from 2 to 3 t.

Because you require productivity and efficiency from your fleet, our second range of outdoor rough-terrain forklifts is your answer. These counterbalanced trucks can handle between 3,5 and 5 t, dependent on the model. They offer ergonomic seating for operators, ensuring that the machines can be comfortably operated for extended hours. They also feature SAS to assist the operator and are available with cushion tyres. When hiring or buying a fleet from us, you will also have the option to add the intelligent I_Site fleet-management system to the package. This system gathers useful data from your lift trucks to keep you informed on important details and to optimise fleet operations in your facility.

Toyota Forklift is your solution to counterbalanced forklifts trucks and other useful warehouse material-handling equipment. Whether you want indoor or outdoor, rough-terrain solutions, we can fulfil your needs. For more information on these machines, please browse our website for specifications and downloadable brochures. Choose us today and let our forklifts elevate your business to new heights.