Buying the Right Warehouse Forklift Fleet for Your Business

Storage facilities across the world use a fleet of lifting equipment to run the daily operations within such a facility. Such a fleet consists mainly of counterbalanced lift trucks, also known as forklifts. These vehicles are purpose-built machines that are manoeuvrable in confined spaces and lift loads vertically to create stacks and reach high shelves. If you are looking for a supplier in South Africa that offers a wide selection of these machines for sale, we have you covered. We offer several options for different types of warehouses to ensure that you can get the job done.

Warehouse forklifts are commonly split into two categories, with electric (battery-powered) machines on the one end and internal-combustion (petrol- or diesel-powered) machines on the other. Electric cars are slowly becoming more popular but in the industrial market, electric power has been the only solutions for indoor applications for decades already. We offer a wide selection of electric counterbalanced lift trucks for sale, along with a range of internal-combustion models that are ideal for outdoor use.

Toyota Forklifts for Sale

Battery-powered forklifts are ideally suited to indoor warehouses. These machines are powered by industrial-grade rechargeable batteries. Apart from our range of storage-facility machinery, we also have industrial batteries for sale to power these machines. Wet cells are commonly used for industrial rechargeable batteries, which leads to having to frequently refill the batteries with water. We offer several solutions in this regard, including gel-cell batteries and cells that require less refilling over extended periods. We offer a holistic approach to deliver a complete fleet of lifting equipment for your storage facility – and batteries to power them.

Our selection of Toyota electric warehouse forklifts includes various ranges. The stand-in range offers a fast and effective way of dealing with smaller and lighter pallets in your storage facility. This range features a tall and narrow design that optimises visibility for the operator from a standing position. It also has the ability to ensure fast turnaround speeds at your facility. We also offer our 3-wheeled range for sale that delivers a capable and efficient package. This range’s design features a double rear wheel that is mounted in the centre of the chassis.

Although most warehouse forklifts run on four wheels, our 3-wheeled range brings a different perspective. The front end of the machine must be stable at all times during transportation and load handling. Therefore, the steering is done by the rear wheels instead. With the double rear wheel doing the steering, the front end stays controlled and stable during turns as well. We also offer a wide selection of pallet trucks and reach stackers from other leading manufacturers for sale.

Toyota Forklift is your first choice if you are looking for a supplier for a wide selection of warehouse machinery. We offer industrial batteries for sale as well to ensure that you have access to a complete package for your storage facility. For more information on our available machines, please browse our website for details and specifications. Choose us today for everything you need in terms of lift trucks.